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Fundraising for Unicef, Mind Birmingham and WWF

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

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As a Midlander (person who inhabits the middle-ish bit of the UK) I figured asking local establishments would be a good potential source of goodies for a fundraising raffle/auction. With minimal fuss I procured this box of lux homeware from Portmeiron Group (thank you Lorraine Shaw 😘😘😘), a renowned Britsh pottery brand. Pretty pleased with myself. Not sure who to ask next, feels a bit cheeky to ask people for free stuff, but it’s all for a good cause! I do happen to live quite near a rather famous chocolate factory 🏭...Mondeley Intrnational...let’s see...

At the moment my fundraising page total is £100 (my husband)... but I’ve still got 16 months to go till my leg of the Clipper race in June 2020, so I’m optimistic this should improve. If you feel an urge to donate now here’s my page address 🌊🌊❤️


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If you want to just donate to Unicef UK, I've set up a page for this...I hope team WTC Logistics wins the race for most donations to Unicef!

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