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Epic and spine chilling footage from the Pacific (leg 6) 17-18 race

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When I watch this footage I feel the excitement bubbling up but also a dawning anxious realisation of the massive scale of the challenges ahead... The crews faced hurricane force winds with up to 14m high waves. Hats off to my fellow 19-20 crew planning on taking on the challenge of this leg (including my sailing 'Dad' and ex-Naval commodore, Keith ( Keith's blog about more in depth coverage of level 1 and 2 training...he started before me!

I'm sticking to the Atlantic leg. Mind you the Atlantic has its own challenges from what I've been told...let's not mention icebergs!

BTW, the awesome soundtrack to the clip is 'I Follow Your Heartbeat' by Tellow feat Klara Larsson.

Keith and I during Level 1 training (we are cold).


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